Empire Funds gives investors access to some of the world’s best investment funds

Our team of investment analysts and portfolio management specialists are constantly scouring the market for the best funds. Today there are millions of investment options which makes selecting the right funds a very challenging task. Empire has a triage filtering process that allows us to identify the best funds in each sector based on a number of criteria allowing you to focus on the best of the best for you or your client’s portfolio. 

The best mix of funds to ensure optimal investment returns

Our funds are initially separated into 3 profiles Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive within each fund section you will find various types of funds with a multitude of strategies and underlying asset classes. Our funds are the best in class bringing you only the cream of the crop.
We have done the hard work now you can choose the best mix of funds to ensure optimal investment returns, solid risk management and true diversification.
We also provide a suggested fund portfolio that blends a mix of our funds to deliver the best returns for your risk profile or desired returns.

Empire’s open fund solution gives you:

Full Regulation

A fully regulated and compliant fund listed on a major European stock exchange with an ISIN code and Euroclear number.

No Issuer Risk

Portfolio default risk is backed by the underlying asset of the investment portfolio.

Full Control

Portfolio actively managed by an appointed Portfolio Manager under your own investment criteria and rules.

Global Access

Investors can purchase your fund directly from the existing accounts they hold with their banks, brokerage and / or investment platforms.

Full Administration

Compliance, accounting, auditing, reporting and legal services are all handled and managed by Empire allowing you to focus on your investment strategies.