Property and Asset Structuring

Asset Protection protects personal assets from business liability, business partner disputes, lawsuits, judgments and even divorce. We help you start a business, grow your business and protect what’s most important, the personal wealth you accumulate from your success. We offer a wide range of asset protection services and vehicles that start with privacy tools and go as far as comprehensive offshore asset protection trust plans. The start to any wealth preservation plan is to create a separate legal entity to shield your personal wealth from liability. Corporations and LLCs are the most common form of asset protection from business liability shielding the business owner’s personal wealth from the debts and liability of the business – the corporate veil is the first layer of asset protection for business owners.


Financial privacy and privacy of ownership help reduce the chances of being targeted in a frivolous lawsuit. We offer privacy services when forming a new business as an annual program and land trusts that allow property owners to title real estate to the name of a trust. Privacy of ownership and protection through corporate entities create a strong layer of protection.

Lawsuit Protection

There are several trust types that protect assets from lawsuits. Property encumbered in a trust for estate planning purposes is protected from personal lawsuits against a trust beneficiary.

Judgment Protection

The strongest laws to protect your assets come in the form of self-settled trust acts. Special asset protection trusts are specifically created to protect one’s assets from future liability where an individual can both settle and benefit from the trust assets.